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Cologne’s Carnival up close!

Cologne’s Rose Monday carnival parade is an unforgettable experience for the visitor, especially when you see up close how over 10,000 people throw tons of “Kamelle und Strüßcher”  (sweets and flowers) from the floats to the revelling crowds. Along the seven-kilometre route of the parade you can find many places that serve as good viewing spots. But the Festkomitee grandstands are a great chance to experience the parade in an even more relaxed manner and see all the details of the special satirical floats full-size. For this event the “Festkomitee Kölner Karneval” (Festival Committee of the Cologne Carnival) has some attractive offers:

We offer you sheltered and non-sheltered seating on our grandstands. Carnival-goers also have the possibility to choose between self-catering and our special catering options:

  • Non-sheltered seating/ bench: EUR 45,-
  • Sheltered seating: EUR 79,-

TIP! Sheltered seating/ chair plus all-inclusive catering: EUR 169,-

You can order and buy your grandstand tickets here:
Order by e-mail from the ticket service of Festkomitee Kölner Karneval: kartenservice@koelnerkarneval.de

Or buy directly from 5. January 2016:
In the "Kaatebus" (ticket bus) of Festkomitee Kölner Karneval at Neumarkt
phone: +49 (0) 221 - 25 80 40 4

Opening time

Wednesday – Friday  9.30 – 18.30 hrs
Saturdays 9.30 to 16:30 hrs

At Theaterkasse Galeria Kaufhof Hohe Straße
phone: +49 (0) 221 - 22 13 44 91

In 2016 the Carnival dates are as follows:

  • Women's Carnival Day, Thursday, 04 February 2016
    Official opening of the street carnival at 11:11 hrs at the Alter Markt in the heart of the old town of Cologne.
  • Carnival Saturday, 056 February 2016 Traditional ‘Funkenbiwak’, the gathering of the colourful Corps troops at the Neumarkt.
  • Carnival Sunday, 07 February 2016 School group parade through the city centre starting at 11:00 hrs.
  • Rose Monday, 08 February 2016 The climax of street carnival, with the official parade starting before 11:00 hrs, organised by the Festival Committee of the Cologne Carnival of 1823.
  • Carnival Tuesday, 09 February 2016 Various Carnival parades in the suburbs of Cologne.
  • Ash Wednesday, 10 February 2016 Traditionally, fish dinners are served at pubs and restaurants

The Parade on Rose Monday

No doubt, the highlight of the street carnival is Rose Monday with well over 10.000 participants (one-third of them female) 500 horses, 128 floats and 123 bands. Some 1.5 m people line the streets.

The 2016 motto: “We go topsy-turvy” Don't miss it!


The motto of the 2016 Carnival Season is “We go topsy-turvy”

At the traditional Carnival Prince’s Breakfast in the Gürzenich Hall Christoph Kuckelkorn, Master of the Cologne Rose Monday Parade, presented the motto of Cologne’s 2016 Carnival Season: “We go topsy-turvy”.

During carnival time life always goes topsy-turvy in Cologne. In the “Fifth Season” conventions are ignored and social differences broken down. By dressing up carnival fans take on a new identity: a trainee turns himself into a superhero, a CEO into a construction worker. All revellers are equal and turn everyday life upside down. The office is a place to party not work, neighbours become friends while getting ready for the parade together. The carnival season invites you to go topsy-turvy and have lots of fun with other revellers.

The new carnival motto also invites you to call yourself and your everyday life into question. Why not try taking a different route to work, meeting up with people you don’t know so well, try out something a bit crazy or even dare to turn over a completely new leaf – things that are great for the soul.


Like every year, this season’s motto and logo are protected by copyright and may only be used with the express approval of Festival Committee of the Cologne Carnival (Festkomitee Kölner Karneval).